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Affected families of oil spill assured of help

| by: Xerxes Alkuino

IMG_7101The Philippine Span Asia Carrier Corporation (PSACC), owner of the cargo vessel Sulpicio Express Siete that was involved in a fatal collision with passenger ship MV Saint Thomas Aquinas, will provide rice subsidy to the affected families of the oil spill.

On Friday, August 23, the Incident Management Team (IMT) reported that aside from the town of Cordova, the oil spill already reached some parts of Talisay City and Lapu-lapu City. The one that was heavily hit was Cordova with 2,728 affected families.

Grant Go, vice president of PSACC, attended for the first time the IMT meeting at the Capitol last Thursday. Go said they are coordinating with 2GO Group, passenger ship’s owner,as to what kind of assistance they can give after the incident.

Provincial Social Welfare and Development Office Chief Evelyn Senajon said the PSACC would deliver to the province 200 sacks of rice for the affected families of the oil spill.
The province has allocated 270 sacks of rice to Cordova, 222 of which had already been taken out. It will also deliver 55 boxes of sardines, 55 boxes of meat loaf, 48 boxes of corned and 206 boxes of noodles.

For the affected households in Talisay City, 91 sacks of rice are also due for delivery along with 16 boxes of sardines, 16 boxes of pork and beans and 23 boxes of noodles.
To the 60 fishermen in Labogon, Mandaue City, whose catch failed to reach the market because of fear of the oil spill, the Capitol will also distribute six sacks of rice, 240 cans of sardines, 240 cans of meat loaf, and eight boxes of noodles.

The food assistance for the 10-day subsistence of the affected families will be delivered to the municipal social development office, which will handle distribution of the goods to the beneficiaries

Apart from the Capitol’s assistance, the Department of Social Welfare and Development 7 also distributed food packs. They also have 10-day “Cash for Work Program” to be availed of by one member of the affected households. DSWD 7 Operations Chief Shalaine Marie Lucero said the program would start once they get the verified list of beneficiaries.

The fatalities of the sea accident that occurred at Luis Ledge off Talisay City waters is now at 75 with 45 unaccounted for. The passenger ferry had a total of 832 crew members and passengers on board. There are 724 survivors and 76 fatalities as of eight o’clock this morning. Of the total number of bodies recovered in the search, rescue and retrieval operations, 28remain unclaimed and unidentified. These cadavers are still at the Cosmopolitan Funeral. (Xerxes Alkuino)