A step higher for Capitol employees

As the popular adage goes, “a good deed is its own reward.” But for some people, their good deeds have gone the extra mile, deserving of praise and a tangible incentive.

Recently Acting Governor Agnes A. Magpale promoted 32 Capitol employees to higher positions. The employees who come from various departments have been in the government service at the Capitol for more than five years. Their promotion is based on the required Very Satisfactory rating of the services rendered in their respective offices.

Every six months, Capitol employees are rated on their performance by the concerned section of a department or office tasked to oversee the employees’ monthly working activities. The purpose is to ensure good governance and government service.

Those employees who stepped up the career ladder are Gladys S. Layese, Dentist II, Lilia M. Villasin, Administrative Officer V, Marites A. Nuñez, Administrative Officer III, Delia C. Gerali, Administrative Officer II, Teodula G. Ward, Administrative Officer II, Editha D. Ibo, Administraive Officer II, Antonio T. Ababan, Administrative Officer III, Delia G. Lepiten, Cashier I, Soledad N. Padron, Cashier I, Marphy Y. Limalima, Nurse II, Gregoria Diez, Nurse II, Cheryl R. Reoma, Nurse II, Ellen S. Ponce, Nurse II, Mary Antonia J. Ondoy, Nurse II, Teresita B. Blanco, Nurse V, Monico Carlo B. Giango, Nurse I, Mary Antonette, B. Guial, Nurse I, Gladys P. Tiongzon, Nurse I, Bon C. Castañarez, Administrative Aide VI, Gracia G. Galenzoga, Administrative Aide VI, Cecilia B. Gulfan, Nurse II, Johnna Kabugason C. Sacayan, Nurse IV, Ana B. Tulod, Nurse II, Lolita P. Asperas, Market Specialise II, Dionisia A. Cañoneo, Market Specialist II, Rudillo L. Codilla, Market Specialist II, Ma. Cristine Hope L. Ibañez, Market Specialist II, Wilson N. Igonia, Administrative Aide IV, Rochelle V. Vasquez, Administrative Aide I, Michael John A. Calderon, Utility Worker I, Ciribiribin H. Logarta, Nurse III, and Job S. Brigoli, Administrative Officer II.

Also present at the oath-taking ceremony at the office of Acting Gov. Magpale was Human Resource Management Division head Noli Vincent Valencia. Magpale congratulated the employees after signing their promotion documents.