23 OSYs receive free training from Bluewater Resorts

Beaming with excitement, 20-year old Ranyl Jumuad of Oslob, Cebu expressed his gratitude to Bluewater Resorts Management for the free training granted to him.

He described the opportunity as “the best.”

Before receiving the scholarship, Jumuad worked as an on-call waiter for a local catering service restaurant in his hometown.

He was earning P250 to P300 a day working from 6 am to 6 am the following day.

Jumuad admitted not having studied college after graduating high school in 2010 due to financial constraints.

Instead, he joined in Food & Beverages trainings in their barangay sponsored by Technical Education and Skills Development Authority. This led him to work as a waiter.

Jumuad is one of the 22 pioneer scholars of Bluewater Academy. They will be receiving free training on hotel and restaurant management from selected managers of Bluewater Resorts. The training will last from six to seven months.

According to academy director Dr. Mon Melgar, the scholars will be exposed to all departments of the hotel. After their training, they will be immediately hired by the resort, he added.

“Worry-free gyud ni siya basta mu perform sila. (This is actually worry-free as long as they will perform well.) Provided sila tanan (They are provided with everything) from meals to accommodations, school materials and uniform,” expressed Melgar.

Addressing the scholars, Julie Alegrado-Vergara, Bluewater Resorts president said the scholarship grant is an opportunity for them to be “more than what they can be.”

“You will determine the success of this academy and of yourself,” she said.

Bluewater Resorts chairman, Arcadio “Dodong” Alegrado reminded scholars the importance of undergoing challenges to be successful in life.

“Success comes from us, not from being born rich. Make sure you make use of every moment to learn,” he added.

Melgar revealed having around 200 aspirants for the scholarship. Stringent screening methods they used to choose the deserving scholars cut the number down to 22, he added.

“We are very particular with scholastic records. We conduct written exams as well as psychological and medical. We try to balance intellectual and psychological aspect of the applicants,” he said.

All scholars were high school graduates with honors and came from ill-fortuned families. Due to financial constraints, most scholars only attended college’s first few years; others weren’t able to do so.

The Cebu Provincial Government will soon enter into a Memorandum of Agreement with Bluewater Academy for the second batch of scholars.

The new batch will be coming from typhoon Yolanda-stricken North Cebu, said Provincial Information Officer Ethel Natera. The Province will help Bluewater in determining the scholars for the next batch, she added.