Over 1T hired in overseas job fair

Lucky job applicants reached a thousand in last Sunday’s overseas job fair held at the Capitol Social Hall. Twenty-five of them were considered the luckiest for being hired on the spot (HOTS).

There were 17,403 vacancies offered by 24 job agencies. Some 1,434 registered job seekers vied for any of the positions that fit their qualifications. Male applicants outnumbered the female job hunters

Among those considered hired and who have applied in several job agencies in the same occasion will still undergo the final interview by the actual employer wanting to hire them.

Those applicants who are waiting for the employers’  “final say” have reached 1,714. Some of them might have tried their luck in more than one job agencies on that day.

One of those listed in the HOTS, Maria Lourdes Abalo, 35, of Tinubdan, San Fernando, Cebu confided that it was her first time to apply at the Capitol job fair and was just very grateful about the outcome. She was hired as a hospital cleaner in one of the hospitals in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

There were also job applicants who tried to apply but were rejected due to age limit as some of them are already in their 50s. Other individuals also dropped by at the job fair not to apply for any vacancy but to avail the services of the SSS, PHILHEALTH, NSO, NBI, and Pag-ibig.

On Dec. 7, a local job fair will be conducted in the same venue.